21 Dice : Time Attack Mode World Record !!!!!

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In today’s post we are sharing with you guys a video which shows a world record time clocked by the makers of 21 Dice  (Bit Stern) for the time attack mode . Let me give a brief about the Time Attack mode its one of the mode from the game where the player has to score as many points as he can The timer is running for you and you have to add up the dice numbers to fill the slots to achieve the number 21 . The player in the video has scored 1319 in 37.58 secs and has played quite impressively.

Let us know your responses on the video and also if you guys have broken the record do brag on with your scores and responses, because records are always meant to be broken !!!! 🙂

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21 Dice : A Puzzler With A Difference !!!

Source : play.google.com
Source : play.google.com

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We are back with our latest review . Well as promised in our previous post we would be reviewing an Indie game this time named “21 Dice” out now on Android & iOS . Is it worth a shot or not  ? we’ll definitely let you guys know today. Let’s not go all vocal about the build up and straight away shift the gears on the game.

There are a lot of puzzle games in the market hence “21 Dice” has made the cut or not and how much does it fares in the coming time can’t predict that now. But the game has definitely pleased and impressed us on the first note. Let me give you guys a brief about the game first.

Its a puzzle game where the player has to swipe the dice number’s in such a way that you hit the number “21” every time . if you score more or less than 21 then the slots in which the player has to score 21 will shut down and there are only 3 slots for you to play . You have to be very calculative and have to keep your permutations and combinations right in order to continue playing and save your slots every time. More the slots , merrier your scoring chances, and another feature which I found clever in this game is that you can swipe the dice number below to an extra slot and use the next number to add up in your 3 primary slots. The extra slot is the only luxury for a player and the numbers can be interchanged every time as per your convenience.

The game is superbly conceptualized and designed , it tests your skills and is quite a lot of fun . It keeps your probability and reasoning skills on the toes and you have to be very attentive and careful on how you add up your slots to achieve lucky number “21” . 

The game is fast paced and the controls are intuitive which makes the experience satisfying and engaging. It has 3 exciting modes : Classic , Arcade and Time Attack to give the player that variability in the gameplay and save the game from being a monotonous experience. 

The game only misfired for us in the graphics department , the design and interface is plain and bland and is a big downer. There are a lot of other puzzle games out there having striking and vibrant designs which impresses the user on the first place. Sound effects should be worked upon but that’s not a big deal for now , subsequent updates will hopefully cover it. For now makers should look into it and roll out a new update with a refurbished UI and an awesome design soon.

On the whole game worked for us big time and has a superb premise and concept to hook the user into it who are looking for an intelligent yet fun puzzler to test their brains. Its a refreshing puzzler worthwhile for a shot.

Our Ratings: 7/10 


* Great Concept.

* Intuitive controls makes it an engaging experience.

* Time Attack mode is a treat to play.


* Plain and bland graphics.

* Sound effects could be more crispier.

Have a shot at this Indie gem and revert back with your gameplay experiences & feed backs on the game. We love to hear you guys.

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Swing Copters : Dong Nguyen Is Back !!!!


Source : http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/
Source : http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/

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We are back with our latest review of “Swing Copters” : new game from the Dong Nguyen lead .Gears Studio . Have the game struck the right chord or not you’ll get know in the detailed review below .

Flappy bird was an instant sleeper hit when it released last year the game was celebrated and raved by the gamer community for its frustatingly awesome gameplay , superb use of the tap function which was the sole control of the game , simple and beautiful GUI and for its difficult (really difficult) gameplay. The game became the toast of Indie success and inspired the other indie studios that “A great game engages the user through its presentation you don’t need extra frills , complex and vast controls , visually enhancing graphics to make your game a success”

Let’s talk about the latest sensation “Swing Copters” : Since Flappy bird the whole game community worldwide was excited and were anticipately waiting for the new game from the maker. Well Swing Copters has finally arrived on iOS & Android and we would like to say that we downloaded the game with really high hopes but what we got back was a big disappointment !!!!

The game looks fine with its simple and intuitive UI and has followed the same legacy of Flappy Bird. But what disappoints is the gameplay yes its difficult (would mention really really difficult) but the physics and mechanics of the game are wayward and totally crappy. You have to use the tap gesture to move the player upward saving him from those dangerously hanging and moving wrecking ball look a like hammers. The concept is good but they say “there’s a big difference in conceptualization and the actual implementation” .  I played the game and was extremely disappointed with its unnecessary complexity . The tap functionality is totally not in sync and don’t respond fluidly , many instances were seen when during the start of the game , the copter surprisingly moves left and right towards those hammers which is insane and bizarre . I would say that the makers have made the game unnecessarily complex and hard just to bank on their reputation which they garnered from Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird was a success because yes it was hard but still the controls and gameplay were engaging and realizable to an extent. Swing Copters lack that engaging premise and the controls are a big downer which loses the interest in the game and makes the player really frustrated letting him disown the game. 

The game needs improved physics and tap functionality needs to be more fluid and responsive. Hoping that the makers fix these major issues in their following update

Our Ratings : 4/10 stars

Pros : 

* Simple and Intuitive Look

* It will garner initial response because of its predecessor’s popular legacy


* Crappy game mechanics

* Unnecessarily complex and difficult

* Tap functionality is a big downer

Let us know your response and feedback of the game. Share us your experiences of playing Swing Copters. We love to hear you .

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Introduction Matters !

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We are going to kick start our journey with this first ever post . To start with we would like to introduce us to you all .

Gamecrux is a gaming blog solely dedicated to discuss and review mobile games . We are experts in mobile gaming and love to play all kinds of games out there on the marketplaces . Gigantic console-quality games , clever puzzlers , indie gems , action , arcade and to sum up , well just about everything in mobile games.

At Gamecrux we believe that ” Great games require honest feedback” with this belief we have started this blog and we will be brutally honest in our reviews for sure , every aspect of the game will be covered in our reviews to show the best and worst in the game. We love playing games and It will be an immense pleasure to share our thoughts with you guys.

To start with our initial segment of reviews would be focused on the indie games out there which are worth playing for . We’ll be trawling the various app stores to restlessly hunt and discover the hidden indie gems. I will now be concluding the post and would like to spill some beans for the first review , well it will be a number crunching game 🙂 I am currently playing this game and would be writing about it soon.

Let us know your thoughts , suggestions and feedback on our first post would love to hear you guys.


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